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Swivel Aerators

  • Swivels help the flow reach the entire sink basin

  • All brass US made swivels with dual threads

  • Has both standard male and female threads to fit most kitchen faucets

  • 15/16ths x 27 male and 55/64ths x 27 female threads machined into brass fitting.

  • Deluxe model includes water saving lever control –

  • Cuts flow to a trickle between rinsing to save water, or reduce flow when less force is needed.

  • Available with aerated streams or water saving sprays

  • Flow rates from the U.S. max of 2.2 GPM down to 0.5 GPM sprays.

Swivel aerators add versatility and flexibility to faucets by letting you direct the flow right where you want it. This makes cleaning the sink out much easier and quicker. Standard aerators simply have a flow that goes straight down from the spout. And we offer a variety of different swivels with either stream or a tight spray flow and in many flow rates. The spray is better as an ultra low flow, create for washing hands, etc using as little water as possible.



Model numbers

Deluxe Swivel faucet aerators with lever control

SU5C Deluxe Swivel Kitchen Aerator with lever control, 1.8 GPM

SV5C  Deluxe Swivel Bathroom Aerator with lever control, 1.2 GPM

USU5C Deluxe Swivel SaverSprayer with lever control, 1.0 GPM

  Deluxe Swivel faucet aerators with lever control

SU1C Swivel Aerator, 2.2 GPM, dual threads

SV1C  Swivel SaverAerator, 1.2 GPM, dual threads

USU1C Swivel SaverSprayer, 0.5 GPM, dual threads

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