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US Made, Solid Brass, High Velocity Showers


SaverShowers provide an invigorating shower spray with excellent rinsing force and coverage area using as little water as possible. 100% made in the USA of solid brass since 1976, our SaverShowers are now available in 3 flow rates: our Designer SaverShower 2.0 GPM series (Gallons Per Minute), our SaverShower Plus1.8 GPM and our lowest flow rate the Ultra Saver 1.5 GPM series. This gives you a choice in how low a flow you go with without sacrificing shower comfort.



How the SaverShower works: Imitated by many but duplicated by none, our exacting design combines the Venturi principle with the Firemen’s Aspiration principle. This increases the velocity while it breaks the water flow into thousands of perfectly sized droplets in a precise conical spray pattern. By creating droplets we increase the surface area which makes for a truly “wet feeling” spray. Droplets also carry oxygen-rich air between them so your skin is being penetrated by both water and oxygen to deep cleanse your skin and body. By increasing the velocity we also create great rinsing force, especially in low-pressure areas. And we do this using as little water as possible, meaning you save water, energy, and money while getting perhaps the most invigorating shower you will ever experience.



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