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 Hand Shower Brackets

In addition to glide rails, we also have two types of standard brackets that hold your shower handle while showering hands free.  The swivel arm bracket comes with all standard hand shower kits and simply screws onto the end of your shower arm.  It holds you hand shower at shower arm height for hands free showering and swivels so you can point the shower spray in the right direction.  Our 3 position wall bracket is a great addition to your hand shower system as it allows you to park your hand shower at a different height than up on the shower arm.  It has 3 positions so you have a choice of the direction of your shower spray.  These are great if you want to have your shower at a lower height for the kids, while washing the dog, etc.  Our wall brackets some with a special 3M tape applied for easy tools free mounting on any shower wall and screws and anchors if you prefer to screw this onto your shower wall.

AF108 wb.jpg


AF117 wb.jpg


AF208C wb.JPG


AF217C wb.jpg


AF208C-N wb2.jpg


AF217C-N wb.jpg


Swivel Arm Brackets

AF108C   Swivel Shower Arm Bracket, white

AF208C   Swivel Shower Arm Bracket, chrome

AF208C-N   Swivel Shower Arm Bracket, brush nickel


    3 Position Wall Bracket

AF117C   3 Position Wall Bracket, white

AF217C   3 Position Wall Bracket, chrome

AF217C-N   3 Position Wall Bracket, brush nickel

Model numbers

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