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 SaverShower Plus 1.8

Great Savings plus a Great Shower

We Make Less Water Feel Like More!


  • Combines water and energy savings with a great shower spray

  • Made in the USA of solid brass and chrome plated,

  • Provides high velocity shower spray of thousands of perfectly sized droplets.

  • Conical spray pattern provides good coverage area and excellent rinsing force

  • Includes pressure compensating flow regulator to limit pressure drop in low pressure.  1.8 GPM Max at 80 psi, 1.7 GPM at 45 psi, 1.5 GPM at 20 psi. 

  • Deluxe models include trickle valve, controls force cuts flow to trickle for savings and



The  SaverShower Plus combines the efficiency of a low flow shower with the invigorating shower feel of the incredible SaverShower spray.  Rated at 1.8 Gallons Per Minute (GPM), it feels like so much more water.  The shower spray consists of thousands of perfectly sized droplets in a concise conical spray pattern that feels great against your skin and provides excellent rinsing force, simply the best way to save while showering.




USP1C package




Model numbers


Wall Mount Solid Brass Shower Heads

  • USP1C           Standard SaverShower Plus 1.8 shower head, chrome

  • USP2C           Deluxe SaverShower Plus 1.8 with trickle valve, chrome

USP2C package

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