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Massage Showers


All our Massage showers include a pulsating, or massage, spray setting plus other types of shower sprays.  You change spray settings by turning the face plate, which opens and closes waterways inside the shower nozzle directing the water flow through different cavities creating different spray patterns.


Our Massage Showers are available as conventional wall mount showers or as European style handheld showers.  Available in chrome, white or brushed nickel finishes we have a style and finish to match most bathroom decors.  Our chrome and brushed nickel hand showers include the amazing Bungy ® shower hose, a very flexible stainless steel shower hose that stretches for greater tub area coverage and to avoid wear and tear on shower hose connections.


All our Massage Showers also include our Power Boost Advantage, a simple mechanical device that helps you enjoy your shower experience more by allowing you to easily adjust your shower force and flow rate to what works best for you given your water pressure.  Federal codes require all showers sold in the U.S. use no more than 2.5 GPM at 80 psi, which is fine if you have 80 psi (few do, normal household water pressure is 50 psi or below).  With Power Boost you can gradually increase the force and flow rate of your shower in lower pressure areas ensuring both an enjoyable and efficient shower spray.

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