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Faucet Aerators &

Sink Strainers

USW5 swvl copy.jpg

We offer a complete line of faucet attachment products all designed to make your faucets work better for you. Our SuperSpray swivel spray & stream kitchen faucet aerators – like putting a shower head on your faucet. Combines our US manufactured brass swivels and flow controls with a chrome plated plastic spray body made in Italy by SiroFlex. 


In addition to SuperSprays, we also have many styles of swivel and standard aerators in a variety of flow rates and flow styles plus a full line of faucet adapters so you can adapt virtually any faucet to use the attachment you need. We have recently also added a line of “hidden aerators” and adapters to work with the newer style faucets some manufacturers have come out with. We are always trying to stay current to provide you with the products you need to make your faucets better.

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