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Designer SaverShower 2.0

High-Velocity, Full Force Showers

We Make Less Water Feel Like More!


  • Made in the USA of solid brass and chrome plated,

  • Also available in brushed nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze finishes

  • Provides high-velocity shower spray of thousands of perfectly sized droplets.

  • Conical spray pattern provides a good coverage area and excellent rinsing force

  • Pressure compensating flow regulator provides superior performance over the range of water pressures. 

  • Deluxe models include trickle valve, controls force, and cuts flow to trickle for savings

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 2.0 GPM Max at 80 psi, 1.9 @45 psi, 1.6 @20psi, 

  • Saves Water, Energy and Money – hot water lasts longer

  • Much stronger spray than other “water saving” showers

Our new Designer SaverShower 2.0 adds U.S. designed and manufactured pressure compensating technology to our award winning SaverShower design.  The result is a more consistent flow rate over a range of water pressures, insuring both a great shower and savings.  Still 100% made in the USA of solid brass and available in many popular finishes, the Designer SaverShower 2.0 is simply the best way to shower without wasting water and energy!.



USD1C-pkge new.jpg

USD1C package



USD2C-pkge new.jpg

USD2C package

Model numbers


Wall Mount Solid Brass Shower Heads

USD1C  Standard Designer 2.0 SaverShower shower head, 1.5” diameter, chrome

USD2C  Deluxe Designer SaverShower 2.0 with trickle valve, chrome

USD2C-BP  Deluxe Designer SaverShower 2.0 with trickle valve, polished brass

USD2C-N  Deluxe Designer SaverShower 2.0 with trickle valve, brushed nickel

USD2C-O  Deluxe Designer SaverShower 2.0 with trickle valve, oil rubbed bronze

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