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Glide Rails

Glide Rails work with all hand showers and allow you to easily raise or lower your handheld shower up 24” which makes sure the shower is the right height for all in the family.  Great for the kids, showering without getting your hair wet, or for those that need help or sit in the shower.


We now have 2 different glide rails, our original round bar that mounts by screwing the brackets into your shower wall, and our new 24” Sliding Flat Rail which mounts securely on any shower surface with 24” of a special 3M VHS tape, designed specifically for wet areas like shower and baths.  Both come with soap dishes for an extra place in your shower to put things.  The new Flat Rail fits right up against your shower wall, taking virtually no space and is great for small spaces as well as your full tub.  The cradle that holds the shower handle for hands-free showering slides up and down easily with just one finger on the backside of the cradle and it stays in place with a magnet inside the cradle.  The special oxidized chrome finish on the rail is easy to clean, does not allow water drops and won’t scratch, plus it looks great.

AF212 wb.jpg
AF212-N wb.jpg





Model numbers

AF212B   24” Glide rail with soap dish, screws & anchors, chrome

AF212B-N  24” Glide Rail with soap dish, screws & anchors, brushed nickel

AF222B  24” Sliding Flat Rail with 3M tape and soap dish, chrome

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