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Ultra Thin 10”

Pan Head Showers

  • Full body drenching rain shower spray

  • 96 spray jets provide a full and invigorating shower spray

  • 10” rim with 8” rainfall area, to be used with longer 90-degree shower arms or swing arms.

  • Ultra-thin design increases the velocity of rain jets, helps save water

  • Available in chrome plated or brushed nickel finishes.

  • Power Boost system ensures a good strong shower spray even in low pressure, gives you 4 flow rates to choose from.

  • 2.5 GPM maximum flow rate at 80 psi before adjustments to Power Boost, complies with federal codes - not legal for sale in CA or CO.

FPAN4 action blue.jpg

Relax and enjoy under this large 10” pan head rain shower, designed to be placed directly over you as you shower and provide a soothing full body shower spray, like standing under a torrential rainfall. Our Flow Pro Pan Head shower works best with an extra long 90 degree shower arm or with our 9” Swing Shower Arm extension, which places the shower farther away from your shower wall. The ultra thin design increases the velocity of the water and prevents the long dripping problem associated with larger pans that hold more water. The Power Boost System insures you get both a full and forceful shower spray using only as much water as you want.

FPAN4B        Ultra Thin 10” pan head shower, chrome

FPAN8B        Ultra Thin 10” pan head shower, brushed nickel


SRW1C          9” Swing Shower Arm extension, chrome

SRW1C-N      9” Swing Shower Arm extension, brushed nickel


SR90-17B       17” 90-degree Shower Arm, Chrome

SR90-17B-N   17” 90-degree Shower Arm, brushed nickel


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