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Flow Pro Massage​ 


3 spray  massage showers

Invigorating, Refreshing, Enjoyable 


3 Spray Settings include:

  • Hard 2 layer shower spray from 40 rub clean jets;   

  • 6 jet pulsating massage action;

  • Combination Hard Shower Spray and Pulsating massage;  

  • Plus a pause setting cuts flow to a trickle to save while lathering


Power Boost system ensures a good strong shower spray even in low pressure, gives you 4 flow rates to choose from.


2.5 GPM maximum flow rate at 80 psi without adjustments to Power Boost, complies with federal codes - not legal for sale in CA or CO.


The Flow Pro Massage showers offer 3 different spray patterns and are available as a wall mount or handheld shower system.  The 3 spray settings include a double-layered hard shower spray from 40 rub clean soft spray jets, a fast pulsating 6 jet massage plus a combination spray & pulse flow.  Turning the faceplate easily changes the spray patterns, turn it all the way and the shower “pauses”, to save while lathering, etc.  The trickle is designed to maintain your water temperature so you are not hit with a hot or cold spray and when turning back on.  Available in chrome or white finishes, the chrome hand showers include a 59” Bungy ® shower hose, a very flexible stainless steel shower hose that stretches to over 80” for greater tub area coverage.  All Flow Pro Massage showers are rated at 2.5 GPM Max flow rate and include the Flow Pro Power Boost Advantage, a flow restricting device that allows you to set the flow rate based on your water pressure ensuring a good strong shower spray using as little, or as much water as you want.  



AFM6C Package

FP34C Package

Model numbers

Hand Held Showers with shower handle, swivel arm bracket, and 59” hose

  • AFM6C Flow Pro Massage hand held shower with Bungy® shower hose, chrome

  • AFM5C Flow Pro Massage hand held shower with 59” shower hose, white


Wall Mount Shower Heads with brass arm connector and swivel ball:  

  • FP34C  Flow Pro Massage shower head, chrome

  • FP32C  Flow Pro Massage shower head, white

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