Hand Shower Hoses




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A key component of any hand shower system is the shower hose.  It’s what gets the water from your supply (shower arm) to your shower handle, and lets you direct the spray right where you want it.  We offer many types of hoses but recommend our amazing Bungy ® stainless steel stretchable shower hose.  Made with a double interlock stainless steel outer shell, the Bungy ® is smooth to the touch and won’t scratch your bath surfaces.  What makes this the best hose ever is that it is extremely flexible and hangs straight right out of the package – not like stiff plastic hoses that tend to “remember” the coil from the package – plus it stretches to give you extra tub area coverage.  Our 59” Bungy ® will stretch up to 80” and our extra-long 78” Bungy ® will stretch up to 10” long.  The stretching is also good to avoid extra pressure on the shower hose connections.


Our other hoses include and economy metal hose and two white PVC hoses, our SuperFlex which has a nylon-wound reinforcement and clear vinyl cover and our Economy white hose with nylon braids.

Bungy ® shower hoses

AF205C   59” Bungy ® stainless steel shower hose, chrome

AF205C-N   59” Bungy ® stainless steel shower hose, brush nickel

AF206C    78” Bungy ® stainless steel shower hose, chrome


    SuperFlex white shower hoses

AF105C   59” SuperFlex shower hose, white

AF106C   96” SuperFlex shower hose, white


    Economy shower hoses    

AF305B    59” Economy shower hose, white

AF405B     59” Economy Metal shower hose, chrome

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