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Powerful & Pleasing High Performance Showers

Our Primary Mission is to provide you with the best possible shower experience – a shower flow you will love.  A shower that provides just the right combination of force, coverage area and volume providing maximum enjoyment from your shower experience.  We understand there are many “Best Shower Experiences” and not one shower flow is for everyone, or every one of your needs.  Because of this we make many different styles and types of showers, in both wall mount shower heads and European style hand held showers.  


Our original design, the solid brass 100% US made high velocity SaverShower shower heads revolutionized the shower industry by providing a great invigorating shower using significantly less water than other showers at that time (1976 – see History in About Us).  Constantly improving our designs, we now make SaverShowers in 3 flow rates insuring the best possible combination of efficiency and showering pleasure.


Knowing that the SaverShower, and minimizing water use in the shower, is not for everyone, we have developed our Flow Pro line of showers that includes Massage showers that offer a variety of spray styles or settings, and Multi-Stream showers that have either adjustable or rain shower type flows.  All our Flow Pro showers include our unique Power Boost Advantage, a simple system we designed insuring you get not only a shower flow you love but also do not waste water, energy and money (see Power Boost Advantage under About us)! 


Our second Mission is to help you use water wisely – which also means saving on your water and energy bills (hot water takes a lot of energy).  Our roots are all about saving water and energy (we started as a water saving shower head company in 1976 – see History under About Us)– but with our primary goal always being to provide a great shower experience and with the 1992 Federal Energy Act (see Flow Rate Laws under About Us) mandating that all showers sold in the USA be “Water Savers” we have become much more than simply a water saving shower head 

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