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Like the 7 colors of a rainbow, our Rainbo Massage showers offers 7 unique and exhilarating shower spray settings and are available as wall mount or hand held shower systems.  The 7 spray settings include a 40 jet double layered hard shower spray, a softer 10 aerated streams showr spray, a strong 9 jet pulsating massage spray, a relaxing and cooling mist plus 3 combination sprays that combine the hard shower spray with the streams, the pulsating massage or the mist.  Available in chrome or brush nickel the hand showers include the amazing Bungy ® shower hose, a very flexible stainless steel shower hose that stretches to over 80” for greater tub area coverage.  All Rainbo Massage showers are rated at 2.5 GPM Max flow rate and include the Flow Pro Power Boost Advantage, a flow restricting device that

Rainbo Massage showers

  • Rainbo Massage 7 Spray Showers A Feel  Good Shower Experience

    Gives you 7 different Spray Settings to choose from:

    Double layered hard shower spray from 40 rub clean jets;   

    9 jet fast pulsating massage spray;  

    10 jet softer aerated streams;  

    Relaxing and cooling mist

    Combination Spray and Pulsating massage;  

    Combination Spray and Aerated Streams.

    Combination Spray and Mist

    Power Boost system insures a good strong shower spray even in low pressure, gives you 4 flow rates to choose from.

    2.5 GPM maximum flow rate at 80 psi before adjustments to Power Boost, complies with federal codes - not legal for sale in CA or CO.

    Hand showers include the amazing Bungy ® shower hose, a 59” stainless steel flexible shower hose that stretches to over 80” for extra tub area coverage.

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